Chemistry Coaching Classes

Krishna Institute a quality name in Chemistry Coaching for the class 12th, 11th & 10th, In modern age a professional qualification from a reputed college has become a necessity. and make root for that goal. we are the best Chemistry Coaching centre in Mukharji Nagar and North Delhi.

Class 12th & 11th & 10th Chemistry Classes

The students will be guided by senior Professionals of Krishna Institute . All the Professionals are highly experienced. The expertise of Krishna Institute teachers in coaching students and the highest esteem in which our students hold them make Krishna Institute the pre-eminent institution for learning skills and acquiring the right knowledge. Course Objective & Requirement To prepare a student for the HSC/CBSE Board exams and JEE Main implies imparting the requisite knowledge and making him/her master the numerous concepts in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and thereby apply them successfully in theory writing and problem-solving situations. To do so requires total dedication both from the teacher and from the student. Lecture Sessions Classroom lectures are well structured and shared among the faculty. Fundamentals are explained in depth as this is a pre-requisite for answering questions of HSC/CBSE Board and JEE Main.